Project Description


In this program, we will cover the basics of information security vulnerabilities and ethical hacking. The principles of operations for assessing security of web applications, databases and operating systems will be presented with hands-on practices. Client-server working principles, web browser proxies, and basic web programming concepts will be introduced to describe the core issues related to information security.

It will be followed by exercises for hardening security from a defense perspective..

Program Agenda

Date Module
June 6 Setups and Information Security Principal Concepts
June 7 Common Application Vulnerabilities and Practicing Hacks on DVWA  (Brute Force, Command Injection)
June 8 Practicing Hacks on DVWA continues (SQL Injection, XSS, File Injection)
June 9 Physical Access to Information and Working with Hard Drives
June 10 Secure Coding, and Hardening Practices Against Covered Vulnerabilities
June 11 Malware Basics and Analysis
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